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Most Common Questions


How do I register?

The best way to register for a Sister Project workshop or retreat is through the website.The Sister Project website is To register for a retreat (3 day retreat with the bonus one day workshop), click on Retreat. To register for just the workshop (an 8 hour workshop day of learning power tools, paint, and décor), click on Workshop. For questions about either of these events and want to know more details, you can email or

Can I nominate a recipient?

If you have a friend, colleague or family member that you’d like to nominate, we’d love to hear from you!! Click on the tab “Nominate” at the top of the home page and fill out all the information about who you would like to nominate. We are looking for women, people, families who are going through a really difficult time but who are keeping their head held high and getting through their hardship with grace. We want to make over a single space in their home so they can feel God’s love for them, and know that He is aware of them.

How old can participants be?

Retreat: For our 3-day retreat, we are looking for women ages 40-65 who are in the “WHAT NOW?” phase of their life. They are watching their kids leave home, and feeling a huge rumble and shift in their life and want to know how to move forward out of that zone of being “stuck”.

Workshop: We ask that participants for our 8-hour Saturday workshops be 16 years old or older. Because we are working with power tools, we need people who have the maturity to participate in activities where safety is considered. (All participants attending will need to sign a liability waiver, and participants under 16 will need an adult present to sign one for them.)

How often are the workshops and retreats?

Retreat: The Sister Project Retreat is held three times a year in January, April, and September.

Workshop: The Sister Project Workshop is held in conjunction with the retreats and is included in the price of the retreat. In January it is held the same weekend as the retreat. In April and September, it will be held 1-3 weekends after the retreat.

All upcoming dates for Retreats and Workshops can be found on the website.

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