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Imagine 3 days and 2 nights,
high in the White Mountains

Away from urban madness, away from noise, yet so connected to the energy and passion of women who lift and inspire; women who teach. See yourself surrounded by women who know how to discover, build, and succeed.

Imagine what you will experience. 

the sister project:

Using tools to unite Women of Purpose to be a force for good.

At our retreats, we teach women to:

  • recognize their purpose

  • take control of their own lives

  • listen to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit daily

  • use tools that support stronger relationships

  • build connections and increase self awareness


This is your chance!

next retreat
September 2024


Why should I come?

Because it was made especially for you! Burnt out from the many demands of being a woman in today's society? This retreat is for ALL women—the broken, the strong, the abandoned, the charitable.


There is a place for everyone at our retreats—especially for you! Women who love their Savior and want to grow closer to him. Women who want to serve better, who want connection, and who want to build positive change in the world together. Women who are willing to dig deep, learn new coping skills, and find their true purpose in life.

Come to connect with other warrior women.

Come to heal emotional/spiritual wounds.

Come to lift and serve others.



Come together with other women in a peaceful setting and share experiences in a safe environment



Learn from experts: gain tools to strengthen yourself from past trauma and improve current relationships



With renewed strength, join our workshop to give back to a warrior sister by making over part of her home


past retreats


ready to make lasting friendships?

Your registration fee is requested as a donation to The Sister Project, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. The proceeds raised fund our service projects, accommodations, and more.

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